Empowering Self Help Groups

Using technology on smartphones to effectively manage savings and loans

Documenting untold stories of rural India

Creating a repository of a village's history and positive stories of people's lives

Maximizing impact during lockdown

Facilitating group Theory of Change sessions for cohorts of clients

Leveraging the power of Community scorecards

Helping rural communities

Using innovative study methodologies

Deploying a mix of study methodologies to understand qualitative change better

Deploying data collection apps with advanced features

Enabling interactive data collection with quality

Using advanced analytics like Heat maps

Actionizing data for improved decision making

Understanding the cross-thematic nature of progress

Looking at cross-thematic linkages for key grassroots challenges, allowing for more comprehensive solutions

What We Do

At IdeasUnbound we provide a platform to


  • Stakeholder analysis within a context
  • Cross thematic analysis
  • Process flow mapping
  • Situation and Needs assessment
  • Interactions with academia and thematic experts


  • Conduct ideation sessions based on research
  • Distil disruptive ideas for implementation from the pool of ideas


  • Design interventions around disruptive ideas
  • Pilot the interventions in the context
  • Productize interventions with successful proof of concept (product, service, model)
  • Scale up productized interventions in collaboration with partners (government, grassroots organizations)

Services We Offer

Theory of Change design

  • Outlining pathway of change from intervention to impact
  • Stating risks and assumptions in achieving outcomes and impact

MEL framework design

  • Developing metrices to assess impact
  • Outlining quantitative and qualitative methodologies to capture data

Monitoring solution development

  • Developing mobile app and web based monitoring solutions
  • Building internal capacities to ensure quick turnaround in information gathering

Analytical dashboards design

  • Develop role-based dashboards to ensure real time decision making
  • Present actionable data analytics allowing for timely course correction

Ideas @ Work